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USA: France using UN as set to regain upper hand over CAR

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When France is looking for revenge

Fatima K. LAMINE

NEW YORK [LNC] – No doubt, France really dislikes seeing massive presence of Russian forces in CAR. Evidence unveiled today at the united nations headquarters in new york, when France’s foreign minister said that the African Union-led plan was the only viable way to end fighting among rival factions in Centrafric, pushing back against an alternative peace process steered by Russia.

“There is no alternative that is either desirable or is likely to succeed,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters at the United Nations.


His comments came after Russia and Sudan co-hosted talks in Khartoum late last month among some of the Central African Republic’s rival militias in a sign of Moscow’s growing involvement in the country.

The AU, supported by the UN and the CAR’s main partners, has been striving to set up negotiations among the militias and the government since July 2017 but progress has been scant.

Le Drian pushed up again, telling that the AU initiative remained the best chance for peace : “The African Union’s initiative is the only credible framework which has the backing of the entire international community for a lasting end to this crisis. […] This is an initiative that would secure the disarmament of armed groups and the restoration of governmental authority over the entire country,” underlining that the security situation “remains worrying.”

Anyway, a high-level ministerial meeting is expected to be held on Thursday on the margins of the UN General Assembly to discuss the situation in the CAR.

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