CAR : Bangui Again Flooded, City Hall Singled Out For His Failure To Act

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Isidore Mbayo

BANGUI [LNC] – The Centrafrican capital again under water. A disaster which returns at each every single tropical rain fallen over this city. Fatal failures, due to lack of maintenance of pipes and works of the department of civil engineering. Serious omissions that the victims pointed out the government and the city hall as the responsables.

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A heavy rain fallen late on Monday night, and as usual, damaged numerous installations, houses & facilities. Causing even the death of a man by drowning, while trying to save lives of his two children. That took place in the district of Fouh (4th arr.).

Always the descriptions of the same destructions. Bridges overwhelmed, because of lack of clean pipes filled up with garbage, houses collapsed, roofs vanished, and many more… Several districts trapped in the concern, and particularly the district of Miskine (8th arr.), very severely affected. In the district of Fouh, testimonies of witnesses stated having seen flood waters some up to one metre high.

Inhabitants concerned, speak up about apathy aninaction on the part of the mayor, who, according to them “fails to take the necessary measures to remove garbage blocking the rain water drainage” , and calling for a quick action from the gov.

“We are fed up of those fusses. Again the same destructions, again us to pay for the repairs. Until when this bad situation will last?”, said an  angry neighbourhood resident.

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