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CAR: Ahamat Bahar “it’s not me it’s them and them only!” – Exclusive INTERVIEW


PAOUA [LNC] – Pointed out as being the main culprit for hundreds of deaths, destruction and devastation on all sides in the OUHAM-PENDÉ region and areas, Ahamat Bahar, the leader of the armed group MNLC, ex Seleka & ex FRPC, vigorously denies the charges. Interview.


– V M: General, in what are you a real General?

Ahamat Bahar: I am not self-proclaimed one, I earned my stripes while I was in the Séléka militia, and confirmed them during my stay in the FRPC.

– LNC: Are you well aware that everybody flags you as the author of hundreds deaths in Ouham-Pendé?

AB: My men and I have nothing to do with it. Responsible for those crimes are the RJ (E.N: Revolution Justice, rival armed group). They are my enemies, and not the civilian populations.

– LNC: There are reports of about 300 killings and more than 2,400 homes torched. In your opinion, RJ are the only ones guilty of this?

AB:  Who can prove that such crimes are committed by my troops? I am for peace, I am a man of peace. However, when provoked, I act in self-defence. This is what is happening right now against the RJ.

– LNC: How about the Anti-Balaka your other enemies?

AB: I really do not care of them. They are shit, also criminals. My troops put them in disarray recently.

– LNC: What is the point of staying here?

AB:  It has now been 4 years since I am here, and I do not feed my men racketeering the civilian population. While it is precisely what the RJ use to do. During our being here, population did not flee to become refugees in city of Paoua. I tell you again, you must know that it is not we who are responsible for this tragedy. It is the RJ,  and them only. The RJ force the farmers to pay them taxes,. We never even did that.

– LNC: So then, how do you explain that everyone put the blame on you?

AB: Listen, I am for peace, and I am involved already in the DDRR process. So why on earth, would I do things like that? People only talk talk in Bangui, but they are not on the spot. And when paying a short visit, that is just for the parade. They  know nothing about what goes on in here.

– LNC: Do you stand by your statement that is all RJ’s fault?

AB: Absolutely Sir. Who burned the farmers’ grain stores? Who imposes them to pay taxes? Not us, only the RJ. Only them are responsible for the damage.

– LNC: Thank you General

AB: My pleasure.

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