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Centrafric: Touadera sacks his Chief of Army Staff


BANGUI [LNC] – Gen. Ludovic Ngaïféi didn’t last many hours in the business as Chief of Staff of the CAR Armed Forces (FACA). Only after a little more than a year  (on 2 June 2016) he was appointed, Faustin Touadéra brutally dismissed him. His successor is Colonel Ngrepet, a close to Touadéra, and even his neighbor in the district of Boy-Rabe.

At time, his appointment raised questions in Bangui, because Ludovic Ngaïféi was François Bozizé’s deputy chief of defence staff. What had aroused suspicions against Faustin Touadéra to redo “Bozizé”.


Is Ngaïféi victim of his super freedom of speech?

Soon in October 2016, at a press conference in Bangui, he didn’t hesitate to voice criticisms against the Power. According to him, FACA are not considered a priority. Pointing out as well that the topic will slide off the table while in Brussels. “The CAR army will not face fire exceeding 30 min”, he said. A way to denounce the lack of weapons for troops.

Immediately Touadera turned mad at him and blacklisted him. Then, the too talkative General was put on an ejector seat.

The drop of water that has made the vase overflow came when few days ago, Ngaïfêi gave some money as gifts to his guards, in order to help them  spending good times during the Christmas and new Year celebrations.

However, Touadéra used this as a pretext to fire him at once. By blaming him of corrupting soldiers, in order to plot a coup.

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