ACAPS/CAR Crisis, Shelter analysis



776,000 people are in need of shelter and NFIs. Shelter conditions are inadequate in most IDP sites, and IDPs living with host families lack space. IDPs tend to move to rental housing after staying in IDP sites or with host families, but struggle to keep up with rent, leading to cases of homeless IDPs building shelter with light materials. 

Returning IDPs face shelter needs, as their houses may be destroyed or occupied, along with needs for basic domestic items. Violence by armed groups and the ongoing rainy season cause displacement and destroy homes. Between late 2014 and April 2017, at least 4,200 houses were destroyed in armed clashes across the country.

The rainy season has caused flooding and additional shelter needs. It will continue until around October.


Since the beginning of January, the repatriation of displaced people in Bangui has raised concerns, as cash assistance is insufficient to cover accommodation costs. IDPs also return to find properties occupied or destroyed, and have had to build houses with light materials. They have required more assistance from the government.


40-50% of houses in Bria have been destroyed due to ongoing fighting that started in May. Shelter needs are aggravated by the rainy season.


An unknown number of houses have been burnt down in Zemio since 27 June due to fighting between UPC and local militia, and clashes continue to cause destruction.


On 18 August several houses were burned down during an attack on Boto, near Kaga-Bandoro. It is unclear which armed group perpetrated the attack. The area is under the control of MPC-Alkathim.?As of end of August, shelter needs are reported among people who were displaced to the Lazare site on 29 July near Kaga-Bandoro.


As of 21 August, in Begoua, between Boali and Bangui, 2,000 people affected by floods are in need of shelter assistance.


221 shelters in an IDP camp were burned down in heavy fighting in Bataganfo at the end of July and the beginning of August. 10,000 people moved to Batangafo hospital to seek shelter, and cannot return to the camp.


Dozens of houses were burnt down during a 3R attack on a village near Bouar on 9 September.


57 houses were destroyed and 5,700 people are without shelter in Kabo in Kaga-Bandoro following heavy rains and flooding on 6-10 September. Some people are said to be staying with families or host communities. Lack of humanitarian assistance is reported.


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