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CAR: Nzako, the devastating effects of an endless conflict

Photos Credits: MSF

Michal Mamadou

BAKOUMA (LNC) – Located about 470 km from Bangui, the small city of NZAKO well known for its prosperity of mineral resources like Bakouma up ahead, became a complete ghost town.

Bakouma and Nzako,  towns in mining areas are being contested by rival armed groups, with devastating consequences for the civilian population. Furthermore, the camps are badly protected and don’t hamper the LRA from making regular raids.

Attacks involving widespread killings, Summary executions, witnesses have found mutilated bodies left exposed to terrorise populations. rape, burning of houses and pillaging were registered since March.

Thousands of  traumatised civilians are being forced to flee for their lives in the bush for months, and are receiving little to no humanitarian assistance.

Since, the axis Nzako-Bakouma, was nicknamed the “Death row”.

Even in Bakouma where many terrified civilians escaped, health facilities were damaged or destroyed. Hundreds of refugees are left without protection, starving, many of them wounded or ill. Only MSF is doing its best to help people.

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