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CAR: Cabinet reshuffle strengthens “President” Sarandji


BANGUI (LNC) – Due to lack of a credible opposition, and even if suffering deep unpopularity, the acting prime minister Matthieu Sarandji carried out the first major government reshuffle since he had taken office in 2016. And as the saying goes, charity begins at home. He simply re-appointed himself as PM.


While growing violence keeps on threatening to spin the country out of control, the government set up a plethora of ministers, increasing from 23 to 34, and within only five women, despite the Gender Equality Act.

Keynotes :

  • The new government includes some members of the armed groups and members of the civil society, e.g: Thierry Kamach.
  • Defense Minister, Joseph YakétéArlette Sombo Dibellet, Minister of Health, Fernande Djengbot, Minister of Communication, Charles Lemasset Mandja and Minister of Public Service and Labor, Moussa Haroun, all sacked.
  • Jean Serge Bokassa, out of the Home office,  he inherits a folding seat.
  • Sovereignty ministries and also several departments remain at their posts.
  • Must note the comeback of Marie-Noëlle Koyara at ministry of national defence. She ruled it during the political transition.


At a press conference today, he stated that the new team has to “Unite in spirit behind the Head of State to carry his vision at the top”. Adding that the newly formed government took into account the regionalization, all political opinions and diversity in the country.

Adding more telling “matters of tribalism and of clanism are not in the agenda, nor in the vision of the President; who advocates Peace, Social cohesion, National reconciliation and facilitation of the socioeconomic recovery of this country who suffers a lot through this crisis.”

But at the end, his explosive temperament again prevailed to warn: “This government is of human design, and will be improved any time. so, no matter if tongues were wagging.”

Hostile feedback from BENDOUGA

At mid-day Radio Ndeke Luka aired comments on, by Joseph Bendounga the president of the MDREC party: “We truly expected to a surgical reshuffle, in order to correct his first decision, that was a mistake, meaning the appointment of Sarandji as PM. […] Mr Touadera had stressed that he will never appoint rebels in his government. Unfortunately, it’s done now. He did not keep his word.

How can you understand that, a country of consumers that produces nothing, owns nothing, and which survives daily only thanks to the generous contributions of the international community; allows to have a plethora of 34 ministers? number of 23 Ministers was enough, and even it was necessary to reduce to 20. 

Thus, Président Touadera continues to beat up the Centrafrican people, and by the way keeps on unveiling his own limits.

So far! He will be surprised by the blowback of Centrafricans.”

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