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CAR: The play “Kota Da Ti Ngbanga” (The Court of law) met great success for its debut in Bangui

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Mighty triumph able to assist in the Special Criminal Court understanding


BANGUI [LNC] – Last Saturday at the Alliance Française Centre (formerly Centre Culturel Français), sold out for the play “Kota Da Ti Ngbanga” (The Court of law), sponsored by the E.U embassy in CAR, and promoted by the UNDP, the MINUSCA, & the French embassy in CAR among others.

The show was played in Sangö (the Centrafrican national language) in the presence of ambassador Samuela ISOPI, heading the EU Delegation in Central African Republic, Najat Rochdi, Deputy Special Representative for the MINUSCA, or again Michel-Landry LOUANGA, President of the Special Criminal Court (SPC). It will tour throughout May in the districts of Bangui, and too, in the provinces. There will be a total of 70 performances.

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As stated on the flyer of the show, the play is designed to focus on sensitizing the public about the SCP, and access by victims to justice.

Najat ROCHDI to point out: « Efficient awareness is essential for the court to fulfill its mission and especially to ensure victims’ access to proceedings. An awareness and information campaign throughout the country is essential to complete the jurisdictional work of the court, because it allows the population and especially the victims to exercise their right. And ask, no, I mean, demanding justice. »

« Three days after the signing of the peace agreement here in Bangui, being tonight on here to renew our support for the Special Criminal Court, a symbol of the fight against impunity, has enormous significance for all of us. […] The success of this agreement will depend on the goodwill and commitment of all Centrafricans. In the implementation of any agreement nothing is easy but there is no fatality. There is only responsibility and concrete action, » Samuela ISOPI added.

During the evening, the SPC received a financial support of €2 million, signed by the European Union and the United Nations.

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