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Football: Enza-Yamissi a smooth transition towards the end of his career

Eloge Enza-Yamissi (in pink), while playing at Troyes. AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI

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The last club of his career?

A Correspondence of Julien BABAUD

ANNECY [LE DAUPHINÉ] – Defensive midfield Eloge Enza-Yamissi (36), without a club since June, just joined the team of “FC Annecy”, currently leader of France’s National 2 Championship.

The CAR international player, who played for teams like Troyes and Valenciennes, signed a short contract running  until the end of the 2018/19 season. He could make his debut under his new colors on Saturday, Feb. 16 against Jura Sud (ranked 2nd).

Choosing Annecy

« At the beginning I just came for training, awaiting new opportunities. I had an agreement to join a club of second league on January. But that didn’t work – That is the Football. Anyway, as I had spent time here in Annecy, and because I was interested in staying. Also, the club to get involved; things went pretty quickly. As the team is already running greatly, I felt the need to be validate by the executives. Really important to me. I still want to play and I will do my best to bring my little experience. And the prospect of playing with my brother (Manassé, who signed in Annecy last August) was one of my dreams. We just played together in National team, but never in club; only in several face to face in league 2.”

His plus

« I love challenges, and when I do something, I do it with purpose. I’m not here for vacation. I will try to bring my little experience. I know, already three climbs on my route. But, this is not my first time at bad (laughs). My role of choice is defensive midfield. I can also play as midfielder. Regularly in League One, I used to help also as left back. There will be competition (NFE: Chapuis, Nogueira, Betsch, Kamin, playing at the same position), but it will pull everyone up. »

His state of form

« Last summer, I played twelve matches with the UNFP (NFE: The French Football Federation’s structure for unemployed football players) , I also played in the early season a friendly match with the Annecy reserve team at the beginning of the year. Since I’ve been in Annecy, I am training twice a day, in the morning with the professional group, and in the afternoon, on my own, with a personal program. I am good and operational. »

His outlook on Annecy

« There is a team able to get higher promotion. It is now or never. We have to give everything in the remaining matches. While keeping our calm down between marches.»

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