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REGION/MAMBÉRÉ-KADEÏ: Gamboula, SIRIRI’S hostages still not freed!

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Gamboula, always living with the spectre of possible exactions of the SIRIRI coalition roaming around. The same who two months ago had kidnapped 7 civilians. Fidèle PIRI-BISSA, the sous-prefect of the city, succeeded by negotiating to release two people, a man and a woman. But since then, the situation tightened. As now rebels demand first and foremost all, the release of two of them, arrested by the police in the environs of the city, and by now, retained in jail at Berbérati. 

SIRIRI’s militiamen still operate in some of the areas near Gamboula.

«As such, as the moment, we still have no news about the situation of the 5 remaining hostages. Before acting, the rebels lay down preconditions of the release of two their men detained in Berbérati prison. I have tried to negotiate with them, and it simply has noworked. That why I call on the authorities in Bangui and the MINUSCA to help us,» Fidèle PIRI-BISSA said.


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