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CAR: Lobaya, Corporate Philanthropy As Substitue To State Schooling Failure

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Joseph Decalo

M’BAÏKI [LNC] – The educational system in Centrafric, is plagued with repeated setbacks since a while. Decades-long ongoing issues that emerged in the late 70′ when French troops ousted Bokassa from the power, through a colonial coup.

Since then, the country collected successions of “white years“, meaning ‘no school at all’, and chronic shortage of teachers, which in rural areas has reached dramatic levels. To such a point that the phenomenon of “parents-teachers” took place and spread widely in the country. What makes the Centrafrican education system, and even in higher education, one of the most lawless and the worst ever seen in the world.

It was, when having a look on such sad findings that the company “La Centrafricaine des Bois” (Centra-bois), located in Lobaya, and specialized in operation of forest woods took action. This society belonging to the Lebanese group BITAR, chaired by Mohamed BITAR, has committed to takes on its own the annual payment of salaries and wages of thirty school-teachers, at the level of  20,000 CFA F salary/month each.

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