CAR: Bangui (PK5), Two Serious Incidents In a Week

Albert Mahamat FALL

BANGUI [LNC] – Two murders in two cases of urban violence. The bubbled district of KAM5 still hot.

1st case: Last Friday night (01/28/2018), a young man of about twenty, after stealing a radio-car, was at least captured by the owner, who will free him in the Saturday morning.

As soon as freed, the burglar rushed at home to take a hand grenade and a Kalachnikov, with the idea to retaliate against his kidnapper. He brought with him several friends of him in his punishment expedition.

But the victim of the theft, remaining suspicious, had armed himself too in case. So, when seeing his attackers coming to kill him, he fought off them. There have been chases with shots fired, with so far a death toll of one assaillant killed.

2nd case: But once relative calm had been restored, that another deadly clash erupted on the next Monday morning. A policeman pulled over a man who was fleeing, and killed him around the corner of ministry of the public works.

The facts: A standard car accident occurring in a head-on collision between a taxi-motorcycle and a UN car. Next, two policemen did the accident report, before releasing the UN car. A decision that sparked anger among the taxi-motorcyclist and friends, ran up meanwhile to support him. One of policemen was violently set upon by a man kicking his head before trying to escape. But the policeman deadly stopped him shooting him in the head.

The angry crowd carrying the dead body, then moved up to the 2nd district police station in order to invade and vandalise it. Causing a big disturbance at the level of the Sapéké bridge. Police tried to disperse the protesters in vain, firing into the air. Finally, calm to gradually return at the end of the morning, with the coming of Henri Wanzé-Linguissara, the Minister for the Interior

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