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CAR: Berthe YATILINGOU, member of Anti-Balaka sentenced to 20yrs of forced labour

Gilles Deleuze

BANGUI [LNC] – A sentence so far gone unnoticed so as the N’gaïbona’s trial is the centrepiece of the Court. It is an impassive woman, as if coming from dark ages who has been convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Although anecdotallycondemned also,  to pay damages: 3,5 million of CFA F to victims’ relatives, plus a fine of 5 m to the State.

A sentence imposed after three days trial at the Bangui Court of Appeal. Berthe YATILINGOU, a 50-year-old woman, had cruelly murdered in 2014, two poor women, Suzanne and Agnès, that she had accused of being witches. The double crime took place at a village called Awatché, located at 25km of the town of Bambari, in Ouaka province.

A drama picturing again the African subculture, still alive. The crazy thing is that the crime of witchcraft appears in the Centrafrican Penal Code, like in other countries as Gabon.The principle of the tangible proof and verifiable evidence is clearly denied.

The dirty thing being that she buried the bodies of those poor women in a common grave shielded from all.

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