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INTERVIEW/Football: Raoul Savoy “I only focus on my team of Centrafric”

Fernando Cancio

[LNC] – Fifteen years long that Raoul Savoy, at only 44, the native of the village of Sainte-Croix sets out on African football fields, and successfully. Till being nicknamed ” the savior “, as he got skills to avoid relegation to the clubs he managed. He started his career of coach in Africa, more precisely at the team of the “Tonnerre Club de Yaounde” in Cameroon. So taking othe challenge of leading the national team of CAR was not something that could frighten him. He agreed to give ua short interview

Because of rumours pushing him back in Algeria, his clarification is very clear : “I am totally into the Centrafric on our way towards the CAN 2019!”

– Fernando Cancio: Do you confirm that was no question of your resignation from your role of CAR manager, as EL WATAN published in an article recently?

Raoul Savoy: Never, ever. Never, ever. Never, ever! I’m completely committed to my mission at the head of the “Fauves”.

– LNC: What is the schedule of the national team In 2018, within the framework of preparation of the CAF Africa Cup of Nations qualifier?

R.S: A friendly match next March, awaiting confirmation. Then the team will be certainly gathered in June for a training workshop, surely hold in Bangui. Then after, there will come a run from August till November for the suite of qualification matches.

– LNC: Your expert opinion on the peculiarity of sport in CAR, knowing that all championships take place only in the capital Bangui?

R.S: Unfortunately that is the current reality. But I sincerely do hope things will be improve in the future. Right now, in spite of the situation, I trust that everyone does every effort to help make it work.

– LNC: The Centrafrican Football Federation repeatedly experiences difficulties in meeting its financial commitments, e.g Accorsi until FIFA puts its head in the middle. Do everything has been going on well for you?

R.S: It’s going very well between the Federation and myself.

– LNC: Thank you for your time to answer us, and wishing you and yours a very best New Year.

R.S: Thank you. All my best wishes likewise, filled with Success for all!

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