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Centrafric: Serious security crisis in Markounda (Ouham) facing big concern

Joseph Decalo

MARKOUNDA [LNC] – Celebration of the New Year’s Eve in this city of the Northwest of the CAR have been fed with noises of combat boots and crackling of weapons. Rebel armed groups would threaten it, in a still very vague situation.

Séléka, R.J or/and Anti-Balaka? No one knows yet. Fighting broke out right now between these groups, at quite ten km of city of Markounda, with high risk of extension in the town. These rebel groups are not yet clearly known.

The fact remains that the civilian populations in the middle are suffering of it.  At night of December 31, the nearby village of Mbébété has been looted and torched. Since, 5 other villages were raided and torched too.

Mass panic in  MARKOUNDA, as located in the proximity of hostilities. Cameroonian peacekeepers of the MINUSCA, being on ground are conducting continuous patrols on there, trying to ensure a maximum safety for the town and its inhabitants. But without reassuring a very sceptical population, to such a point that already, several hundred people found asylum in the presbytery of the city.

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