Trapping Anicet DOLOGUELE, just a childish attempt of trick orchestrated by TOUADERA

Albert Mahamat FALL

BANGUI [LNC] – As MINUSCA and the government do not want to stop leaders of armed groups, or to disarm them, even by force, the priority of SARANDJI’s government, being the more and more hysteric, consists then in a focus of creating imaginary scapegoats.


Sending Joachim KOKATE, reliably reported to be a mythomaniac, a self proclaimed being spy of the British MI6 – of course a lie – to go to cheat on the leader of the opposition Anicet Georges DOLOGUELE, by secretly recording him confessing that he might attempt a coup d’état. For next, with the false package, open the way to this badasse and uncultivated idiot of Didacien KOSSIMATCHI, the President’s head griots in chief, to finalise the job and go out to make as much noise as possible, pretending DOLOGUELE WAS GETTING READY TO MAKE A COUP? THAT WAS A CHALLENGE TO DARE….AND THEY DARED!

Few people had understood the mysterious words of DOLOGUELE last week, when, in front of the Parliament, he questioned the Prime Minister saying:

“You sent this gangster of KOKATE to come to record me without my knowledge?”

That is the explanation behind the curtain.

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