CAR: Bokassa in fight against SMS messages fuelling hatred

On Monday in Bangui, Jean Serge Bokassa, the Minister of the Interior issued a solemn warning to all those who spent time to feed insecurity through phone textings.

The latest outbreaks of communal violence in the country had been fomented by People communicating via sms messages, he regretted; pointing out that those people use this process, as way of reprisals of vicious crimes previously reported on media.

“Contents of these SMS encourage communal revenge, but the crisis the country is undergoing is not religiously based or a matter of communities”, Bokassa added.

“The authors of this type of messaging by SMS inciting to violence, are already well-known. They cannot escape justice, and will be punished according to the degree of their implication in this violence,” Bokassa warned.

“The use of SMS to call for revenge must stop during this holy month of Ramadan,  a time of fast for the Muslim community”, he hammered.

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