CAR: Basse-Kotto still Under Siege!

Michal Mamadou

ALINDAO [LNC] – For weeks, attacks, counter-attacks and reprisals were bloody increasing in the Basse-Kotto, between the Ali DARASSA’s UPC militiamen and Anti-Balaka’s gunmen mixed with other ‘Self-defences’. A catastrophic situation, which led to the dire humanitarian situation in the Strip. 

In its monthly report published last May, the ‘Commission Mouvement de Populations’ (CMP) feeds by UN OCHA stated that 503,600 persons are displaced (IDPs) within the CAR. An increase of 14% over April. This, because of an unprecedented outbreak of violence in the country.


Fights in this Sub-prefecture took place in municipalities and villages of BAKOU, BELINGOUA, ZANGBA or again YABANGO, plus in addition ALINDAO and MOBAYE. Said a recent report in those zones of conflict in constant expansion and propensity.

Combats killed more than 28 people and wounded at least 60. Again a provisional death toll, not taking in account corpses remaining hidden in bush. Insecurity in the zone is so high that would be taking a big risks to venture over there for macabre countings. 

MINUSCA said they sent troops on ground, to patrol the conflict zone, located in the triangle of Alindao-Bangassou-Mobaye. Anyway, local elected representatives declared not having seen yet these peacekeepers.

One of them, Jérémie GOKORI-NDORO II, Deputy of ZANGBA stated: Sadly, the future appears worse.”

Power in Bangui always turned a deaf ear to his desperate calls.

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