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CAR: Political platform as support to Touadera just set up

Isidore Mbayo

BANGUI [LNC] – The virtual ‘Presidential Majority’ which never has consistance died before being born. Now’s time for the Patriotic Presidential Alliance, acronymed – (PPA) or (APP) in French.

One week ago in Bangui, some former candidates in the presidential election, their political representatives and old allies of Touadera’s gathered to put in place this political platform.

Marcel Dimassé (Kouango 1) from the Centrafrican Socialist Party, one of Touadera’s number one supporters since beginning, acting as the co-ordinator, tells more about this PPA:

“[…] The country is in the situation you know, men and women of good will have to rise up, whatever the president be. It turns out that he is the man we have chosen. So, we are behind him, to ensure the success of his challenge, for the common good in the country.

Now, I believe that it is necessary to change our way of doing politics, which means that the first mission of this platform we established, is to make recommendations to the head of state, in such a way to lead his ship to a good harbour.”

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