Displacement and Humanitarian Needs

Fighting in the Ouham Pendé province has displaced at least 17,000 people during 2016. The majority are living in makeshift grass huts next to villages along principal roads. Some are staying in the homes of friends or family. Due to ongoing security concerns, aid groups have not been able to deliver all the needed assistance.

A 40-year-old man from Boumari, who now lives with his family of six on the outskirts of Bodé, 20 kilometers north of Bohong, said:

Many of us can’t access our fields and those who dare to go back have to walk all day, work in the fields and then return the following day. We have lost all of our belongings in the attack. The NGOs that provide support do not come often because the roads are dangerous. Our village is now scattered throughout the bush. How long can we live like this?

A 41-year-old mother of four from De Gaulle staying with relatives in Douya, south of Bocaranga, said, “The kids are now out of school and just here, doing nothing. We can’t go back to De Gaulle and restart our lives because Sidiki’s men are still there. Until it is safe, we will just stay here and depend on the charity of our family. Life has been suspended.”