09/28/2016 - A city under water
09/28/2016 - Village 'De Gaulle' has been attacked by armedmen of SIDIKI 2 days ago, around 4 AM. Deathtoll under investigation.
09/28/2016 - The Ministry of the Interior JS Bokassa aware of complaints from the population regrets the inactivity of MINUSCA
09/27/2016 - Right now, Violent fights erupted around KOUI (Ouham pende), between militia of Anti-Balaka & Sidiki's men (Séléka)
09/27/2016 - Towards the rehabilitation of the Sports Hall of Bangui?
09/27/2016 - Anarchic sale of beef in the capital
08/26/2016 - Noises & rumours about a government reshuffle.
4 IN & 8 OUT, according to recent trend from the Palace in Bangui
08/26/2016 - A MINUSCA vehicle going at a very high speed, crashed into an utility pole near the Mayanga bridge. 5 soldiers were slightly injured & one with a broken arm
08/25/2016 - An internally displaced person shot dead by a Mauritanian soldier from the @UN_CAR causing great anger locally 4 their withdrawal
08/25/2016 - Lightning killed a 26-yrs-old young man, two of his friends slightly hurt.
08/25/2016 - Bangui quite the subregional champion for traffic accidents - at least 15 accidents per day.
08/26/2016 - The association of the centrafrican doctors is angry. It calls for the integration of doctors in wait in the public service.
08/26/2016 - District of Gobongo 2, fire-fighters refused to go to save a man's life fell into a well, telling "They do not work on Weekends"
08/25/2016 - Minister for Sport Sylvère Ngarso declares that the funding for the match against DRC will be provided
08/24/2016 - CAR still in the Middle Ages. in Mandaba, a district of Bangui, a woman marabout claims to exorcise wizards whose she shows out names.
08/24/2016 - Armed groups that are signatories to the DDRR agreement with the Power, set up their own office of coordination.
08/24/2016 - The CAR Football Association experiencing financial difficulty. No cash to pay the plane tickets to the international footballers
08/24/2016 - Women of the city get started in the shea butter processing. But seek 4 assistance & specific training.
08/24/2016 - Contract personnel of the hospital "l'Amitié" in Bangui on strike. They are Claiming the payment of 7 months of salary arrears from 2013
08/24/2016 - The greater part of money she embezzled was used to build for herself property assets in Cameroon and France
08/24/2016 - Inland navigation resumes between Bangui & Kouango, after a break of 1 week due to Anti-Balaka's threats.
08/24/2016 - Damaged by Anti-Balaka militiamen months ago, the Berberati Mosque at least restored
08/24/2016 - A militiaman from Seleka coming 2 rob villagers, was disarmed by the MINUSCA's troops, but after negotiations, returns the weapon back
08/11/2016 - Swimming Men's 50m Freestyle
Christian Nassif for CAR finished 5th & placed last in heat.
He is then out.
08/09/2016 - According to Henri-Marie Dondra the Minister for Finance, 5 of 9 CFAF billions, a donation from ECCAS, will be allocated to bail out government coffers.
08/09/2016 - FACA: The return of the corrupt to the commands.
Faustin Touadera, obviously big nostalgic of the time of impunity under Bozize does it again.
After the appointment of general Antoine Gambi as chief of defence staff at the Présidency, here comes generals Guillaume Lapo & Jean Pierre Dolle Waya to take office in army key positions. Knowing that those people are very well known to be great criminals and corrupt officials.
08/09/2016 - Goeffrey Lembet, CAR international goalkeeper, French-Central African born on 23 September 1988 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, till now being at the AJ Auxerre, has signed a contract with the French club RED STAR FC 93.

08/09/2016 - A Holidays camp to be organized in Bangui on a thema called: "Holidays of Football for peace and social cohesion", set up by the Football Training center school. The goal is to find children's interest by introductions to the techniques of Football, & also to the citizenship.
08/09/2016 - The name of the new Deputy national Technical Director is revealed, it is Clément Grélanda, a former CAR international
Christian BADER appointed as the new French Ambassador to CAR, will join Bangui on the Air France flight today (08/09/2016)


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