10/28/2016 - At least 10 killed by Seleka militiamen
10/22/2016 - Seleka taking over in great numbers!
10/20/2016 - Petevo scholl, Still the same tune..
10/20/2016 - Multitudinous demonstration one week ago to voice discontent
10/17/2016 - Gen Eric Hautecloque-Raysz threatens to slam the door
10/09/2016 - Even sky hates them
10/07/2016 - Death toll risen up to 21 (updated - Cf LNC)
10/04/2016 - Reaction from Nourredine Adam joined by phone: "number of deaths in kouango & Koui, Touadera robbed z elections 4 that?"
10/02/2016 - A city in stage of emergency by waves of refugees from Koui (De Gaulle)
09/28/2016 - A city under water
09/28/2016 - Village 'De Gaulle' has been attacked by armedmen of SIDIKI 2 days ago, around 4 AM. Deathtoll under investigation.
09/28/2016 - The Ministry of the Interior JS Bokassa aware of complaints from the population regrets the inactivity of MINUSCA
09/27/2016 - Right now, Violent fights erupted around KOUI (Ouham pende), between militia of Anti-Balaka & Sidiki's men (Séléka)
09/27/2016 - Towards the rehabilitation of the Sports Hall of Bangui?
09/27/2016 - Anarchic sale of beef in the capital
08/26/2016 - Noises & rumours about a government reshuffle.
4 IN & 8 OUT, according to recent trend from the Palace in Bangui
08/26/2016 - A MINUSCA vehicle going at a very high speed, crashed into an utility pole near the Mayanga bridge. 5 soldiers were slightly injured & one with a broken arm
08/25/2016 - An internally displaced person shot dead by a Mauritanian soldier from the @UN_CAR causing great anger locally 4 their withdrawal
08/25/2016 - Lightning killed a 26-yrs-old young man, two of his friends slightly hurt.
08/25/2016 - Bangui quite the subregional champion for traffic accidents - at least 15 accidents per day.
08/26/2016 - The association of the centrafrican doctors is angry. It calls for the integration of doctors in wait in the public service.
08/26/2016 - District of Gobongo 2, fire-fighters refused to go to save a man's life fell into a well, telling "They do not work on Weekends"
08/25/2016 - Minister for Sport Sylvère Ngarso declares that the funding for the match against DRC will be provided
08/24/2016 - CAR still in the Middle Ages. in Mandaba, a district of Bangui, a woman marabout claims to exorcise wizards whose she shows out names.
08/24/2016 - Armed groups that are signatories to the DDRR agreement with the Power, set up their own office of coordination.
08/24/2016 - The CAR Football Association experiencing financial difficulty. No cash to pay the plane tickets to the international footballers
08/24/2016 - Women of the city get started in the shea butter processing. But seek 4 assistance & specific training.
08/24/2016 - Contract personnel of the hospital "l'Amitié" in Bangui on strike. They are Claiming the payment of 7 months of salary arrears from 2013
08/24/2016 - The greater part of money she embezzled was used to build for herself property assets in Cameroon and France
08/24/2016 - Inland navigation resumes between Bangui & Kouango, after a break of 1 week due to Anti-Balaka's threats.
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Centrafric, worst place in world for young people

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Little or no access to education and healthcare, poor job prospects and low participation levels in politics make the Central African Republic the worst country in the world to be a young person, an index [...]


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